Can Water Damage Ruin Your Bungalow?

By   March 12, 2015

I bought a bungalow on the outskirts of a town called Oatland. It is located 2 kilometers away from the main part of the town about which I came to know while I was driving to nowhere without any purpose or destination, I just kept pushing the accelerator while my Range Rover Sport kept cruising through the dark night while the moon shone through the clouds. The sky was blue and clear when my eyes finally caught the sight of the huge bungalow while it kept glowing under the moonlight and the very first sight of it melted my heart and made my heart crave for it. I drove through the narrow gap and the road was bumpy because of uneven surface.

I finally stopped my jeep infront of the bungalow and got out of my jeep to find out if anybody wsa living inside. I called out, but there was no reply and to my surprise the main door was open and I pushed myself in to find out the entire bungalow was submerged. The water body was at least 3 feet in height and I saw there were wooden furniture broken with rotten wood gently floating. The interior design of the bungalow was amazing and I kept wondering who in the hell lives here? There was nobody and since then I decided to live in this bungalow.

The very next thing I did was that I called PuroClean and gave them the exact location of the bungalow. I was really impressed to find out that they are really punctual. The receiver of the phone told me that their crew was only going to take 20 minutes to reach there to fix the flood issue, and they were really punctual and appeared exactly after 20 minutes at the scene infront of the bungalow with everything they needed. It was amazing seeing such efficient as well as dedicated people who are true to their words. I stood and watched the experienced and skilled personnel carry out their sophisticated and intricate step by step work to clean my bungalow. After moving in, I was really happy and till now after spending 3 years in this bungalow, I haven’t faced any problem. I wonder why this beautiful place was empty…

Water Damage in my house through leaked pipes

By   November 6, 2014

It was really after a long time when I finally could catch a break in this busy life. The break was for 15 days, and that’s when I thought, “yes, now it’s time to catch your flight to Lankaaaa!” Yes I went to Sri Lanka for 13 days, and those 13 days were the most amazing and wonderful phase of my life till now. My mind always wanted to dance under the moonlight while tripping on LSD and staring at the white huge ball of beauty, the moon.

I am pretty sure that my eyes could actually see the spectrum of white light penetrating the clouds and went deep down into my soul through my blurry eyes. The bonfire in the middle of the dancers kept blazing turning cinders and twigs into ash. There were 50 to 60 people from different parts of the world gathered together in a circle and dancing with the rhythm of their respective soul. Get a full damage solution at san-diego-WATER-damAGE-.NET. I tried the Lankan dish and made a lot of friends and got accustomed with their culture. Those 13 days have been the best days of my life. I drank and drank, finished bottles after bottles as if there was no tomorrow. I managed to see the reflection of my life in those 13 days and I changed.

However, the arrival to my reality was not an easy one. I landed in Bangladesh and reached my comfort zone only to find it entirely in a horrible condition. Whrn I finally unlocked the door and peeked inside to find out that the entire floor of my apartment was under water.

The water level must had had risen a minimum of 1 foot, and it seemed like that was a smack right across my happy face, “Wake up!” the first thing I did was turned off the main electric supply since I never wanted to electrocute myself. And immediately called PuroClean who showed up within 10 minutes with all the necessary equipment and experienced workers. Thanks to PuroClean!

Fix Go Pro Water Damage

By   September 21, 2014

Do you know how to fix go pro water damage? If you not, you have to learn this quickly. Because it is very working method.